Case studies

WebRTC: Efficiency, Loyalty & Flexibility

Over the past few years, WebRTC – or web real time communications – has started to gain traction in both business and technology environments. For the first time, companies can enable in-browser or in-application communications – from chat to voice to video to document exchange, directly in the browser, without the need for additional downloads, plugins or other barriers to fast and seamless interactions.

WebRTC is a game-changer when it comes to customer service, providing a seamless experience for the customer at the very time and in the very manner in which they dictate. Because it enables contextual continuity through various escalation levels, WebRTC focuses on customer satisfaction by valuing their time as well as their preferred method for engagement.

Additionally, WebRTC merges together sometimes disparate back end communications systems, allowing for greater enterprise efficiency and cost savings, as well as better customer engagement. By enabling single authentication and communications continuity between service levels, customers often feel better heard, which fosters brand loyalty.

SRI Infotech has worked on several projects related to WebRTC, and has first hand experience in seeing how this relatively new technology can assist your business in it’s daily operaons.

Case Study 1: Automobile Insurance Provider

Recently, SRI Infotech was asked to help a large automotive insurance provider build a mobile device for submission of automobile accident claims. The end user application not only allows the customer to open and submit a claim from a mobile device, but also to collect photographic evidence related to the claim.

When the driver is ready, he or she can then connect via mobile with an insurance agent in real time to review claims details.

After the connetion is initiated by the customer, the insurance agent is able to interact with the customer in real time via chat, voice or video. Additionally, the agent has the ability to take control of the camera so as to take photos which better optimize the evidence necessary for evaluating the claim.

Evidence collected through the app is stored to the cloud and affiliated with the claim number, providing a consolidated repository of all information necessary for making informed coverage decisions. The collection of all information allows for the processing of claims in hours rather than days.

Case Study 2: Technology Manufacturer & Support

Additionally, SRI Infotech worked with a large, international technology manufacturer and servicer to assist in development of a WebRTC based support infrastructure. The goal of the project – still in the proof of concept stage – better facilitates onsite support by connecting the “person on the ground” with specialists in the corporate support center.

The system provides both offline ticket creation and documentation, as well as streamlined, real time communications between support staff in different locations. As a result, issues can be tracked, escalated and managed in a more timely manner. Photos of error codes and videos of faulty functionality provide out-of-office support staff with a greater level of detail with which to troubleshoot the problem. Moreover, by using photographs of equipment serial numbers and sku barcodes, problem attribution can be accurately tracked to particular pieces of equipment and locations.

Overall, this system enables faster resolution rates for tickets that can be resolved same day, on site, as well as the opportunity to order replacement parts or equipment in real time if fixes require more complicated methods.


By providing cost effective, flexibility through the browser or an application, WebRTC has the potential to streamline customer support and service operations. Moreover, by easing interactions with clients on their time, under their preferred communication method and by providing a , WebRTC strengthens customer loyalty. Businesses in all industries need to embrace WebRTC as part of their initiative to remain effective and competitive in today’s high stakes environment.

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