Our Process

Enterprise applications fuel corporate business success. When enterprise development projects – either customized off the shelf or originated from scratch – fail to live up to their promise, it represents a significant loss of time, money and opportunity. As such, corporations must simultaneously manage risk associated with such projects while demanding the best technology solutions for their particular need and environment.

At SRI Infotech, we understand that the potential costs of enterprise technology development extend beyond dollars and cents. In order to help you manage the risk associated with these projects, we have developed best practices relative to any and all projects we undertake, regardless of whether they are in the enterprise, the cloud or on mobile.

At SRI Infotech, we employ an agile based development methodology to ensure that development progresses rapidly, potential problems are identified – and fixed – earlier in the development lifecycle and that feedback is received consistently. As a result, your software and applications projects complete in a shorter timeframe and for lower cost than when using traditional development and deployment methods.

While every project is different, we consistently undertake the following steps to ensure your project succeeds:

  • Project kickoff & needs analysis

    The project kickoff and needs analysis is often overlooked. But it is the most important step in the SRI Infotech process.The beginning of any project requires clearly defining the use case for your application. Without a full understanding of business objectives, and how technology helps meet them, costly mistakes in functionality and performance are likely. As a result, client participation at this stage is not only essential, but encouraged!SRI business analysts conduct thorough interviews with stakeholders before we write a single line of code. Our analysts seek to understand existing goals, scope, end user needs and any constraints, including those pertaining to existing technology limitations and legal frameworks such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.Upon completion, our business professionals assemble a custom team of engineers and developers with the exact skills you need to complete your project. The requirements determined by the project kickoff are communicated to YOUR team in detail, to ensure they understand your expectations for successful project completion.
  • Environment setup

    Once the project parameters and timeframes are fully established, SRI Infotech undertakes a thorough technical inventory of your environment. We then either replicate this environment in our offices to ensure that your software succeeds in your business, or make recommendations to ensure that modern software projects don’t fail due to insufficient underlying infrastructure.
  • Agile development

    When coding begins, our highly skilled engineers and developers utilize agile principles and practices. By integrating usability and functional testing into the development lifecycle, we are better able to identify issues and roadblocks earlier in the process. This results in shorter development timeframes, reduced development costs, minimized risk of failure and increased transparency.Unlike traditional “waterfall” development methods, our use of agile for your projects means you know exactly what we are doing every step of the way. We are able to partner with you to meet your evolving needs as the project proceeds.
  • Testing 

    Because we use an agile development methodology, we test early and often! Our quality control team finds issues early enough in the development process to fix them before they cause significant functional issues or project delays.Moreover, we engage client testing throughout the development process to ensure that your application works under real world conditions. By soliciting user feedback, we are better able to ensure the projects’ longevity.

  • Project managementAt SRI Infotech, we believe in transparency and teamwork. As a result, we develop a defined protocol for regular communications and project management. Communications timeframes are based a combination of project milestones and your reporting needs.Our dedicated team of project managers interact daily with our technologists, as well as with project managers and leads. We gather information from all resources, to regularly interact with your technology management team.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)The automation of processes for any company involves all we do at SRI, from initial process assessment to post production support and everything in between. We leverage our comprehensive IT background to ensure you understand what RPA can do and outline the expected benefits through deployment ensuring those results are achieved for a given process. We can go a further step to help define and build a Center of Excellence for your company to ensure the results continue and expand to other areas of your business.