OTC Derivatives Self-Service

Most OTC derivatives applications used by financial institutions around the world share the same characteristics. Third party data collection, trade position calculation and audit trails are common features. Yet, they lack transparency and real time information. Obtaining reports and data frequently require the participation of technologists, reducing efficiency and transparency, and increasing costs. While these systems are significant improvements over the old Excel spreadsheet days, they are insufficient for today’s marketplace.

Manufacturing Efficiency Through Technology

Companies in the highly competitive manufacturing sector need to find points of operational advantage in all business endeavors, including on the shop floor. Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) – the use of computerized systems to control machining operations – is a frequently implemented improvement. By utilizing software applications that define batched, predefined manufacturing configurations, companies are able to improve reliability, reduce errors and execute projects more easily. Use of automated processes in

Maximizing Cost Savings In The Cloud

One of the primary business drivers for enterprises migrating to the web is cost savings. Generally speaking, cloud migrations have the potential to reduce allocations related to staffing, security and infrastructure. However, that doesn’t mean that migrations are cost free. Regardless of the move towards the cloud, there are real costs that need to be included in migration budgets. According to Forrester, customer facing applications – or so called systems

Playing With Blockchain

Although not presently in widespread use, blockchain has great potential to transform transaction processing across the economy – particularly for participants in the banking, financial services and retail sector. The largest and most famous blockchain in use today is Bitcoin. But for many businesses a private or a public / private hybrid using blockchain promises to improve business operations. Blockchain is a transparent, electronic ledger in which transactions are recorded,

WebRTC: Efficiency, Loyalty & Flexibility

Over the past few years, WebRTC – or web real time communications – has started to gain traction in both business and technology environments. For the first time, companies can enable in-browser or in-application communications – from chat to voice to video to document exchange, directly in the browser, without the need for additional downloads, plugins or other barriers to fast and seamless interactions.

Technology & Securities Accounting Risk Management

Financial management institutions seek to maximize profits and minimize risk. For institutional entities in banking and finance, a strong securities accounting system plays a critical role in ensuring that all parties to a transaction are properly informed, collateralized and protected from costly errors that decrease trade completion, increase risk of penalties and otherwise inhibit the smooth transaction processing necessary for success in today’s fast paced business environment. There are several

Successfully Solving Firmware Questions

Think about the items that reside in your average office. Printer? Coffee pot? Thermostat? Guess what. Not only do they all run on power, they also require onboard instructions – or firmware – to make them do what they do. Firmware is generally defined as non-volatile memory embedded in a device. It contains the commands that make the device do what it does. Developing firmware requires an ability to analyze,

Solving Your SSO / IDM Challenges

How do you combine convenience with identity management and security? How do you bring your end users and your IT team together in the most efficient way possible? By marrying single sign on with your ticketing system in an easy to use mobile application. The problem SRI Infotech was invited by two separate clients to solve a unique challenge: to create a mobile application which allowed end users to open,

Claflin360 Inventory Management System

The Claflin Company has been serving the medical community by providing equipment and supplies since 1817. As a full-line distributor of medical and surgical products sourced from over 500 regional, national and international suppliers, logistics are a critical component of business operations. Rather than focusing on extensive stockpiling, Claflin, which serves some of the largest hospitals in New England, looked at how technology could improve operational efficiency and reduce inventory

Collateral / Securities Lending Accounting System

Our client, a leading custodial services and financial management company, was looking to update their processing around securities lending. We developed a system to store the information about all broker-dealers, agency-lenders, securities and stocks, loans, earnings and other financial information required in the course of operating a securities lending business. Challenge The Collateral/Securities Lending initiative is a back-end project, for the development of a data warehouse across the United States