Business Process Management (BPM) Appian Onboarding Services

The Business Process Management (BPM) platform is the fastest way to improve your organization’s performance. These systems are primarily tools that help organizations function through the support and monitoring of processes, communication between departments, and interactions with the environment. An additional feature of the BPM platform is ease of use, no need for specialized IT knowledge, enabling users to create, measure, and optimize highly functional processes. Appian is a platform that assists users in making sensible and responsible decisions, and also takes action quickly in the key operations of the organization. This is possible because Appian collects data from various sources in the organization, provides social interaction and manages the processes in one integrated environment. This tool makes it possible to quickly create a graphical process model using BPM, which can be instantly combined with other processes. The Appian Process Engine is designed as a scalable, flexible tool for launching and delivering process models with a balance between IT administration and business users’ ability to modify processes. Appian supports BPM in terms of execution, including event processing, task assignment, service integrity, and process processing.

Our Capabilities

SRI InfoTech, with its certified appian developer resources, can guide you with onboarding and adjusting the Appian platform to fit with your company needs with a simple, no hassle implementation process. First, we will learn about you and your current structure and process, learn as much as possible about your needs and prepare a complete analysis of your company and expectation. Analysis is a vital and fundamental part in the implementation process of automation projects because it has a major impact on subsequent stages, so this is very comprehensive and the longest part of the implementation process. Next, we will work closely together to prepare the best process model and system for you. In this stage your needs and opinions are the most important because the model must be adjusted directly for your company and internal process. We will work on user interfaces, integration with external data sources, and the introduction of policies and rules for your organization. Our consultants will help you with most of these arrangements in real time.
When complete the model will be ready and we will help you with implementation and testing (BPM systems allow you to run applications immediately after modeling, but before the application is ready for production, we will work with you to perform the necessary tests and measurements.) The implementation phase also includes the training of the customer’s employees using the resulting system.
The last (but not the least) stage of our cooperation is optimizing the existing system. When we gather all of the information about the process in real-time, optimization is a natural step to increase the efficiency of every organization. Optimization is the primary task in most organizations that base their functions on a process, but often this task is performed accidentally and contains errors. To avoid such situations, we propose a systematic approach to the optimization phase to achieve better results and solutions.