Data Conversion

System conversions are regular occurrences in today’s corporate environment. Whether motivated by institutional mergers, technology upgrades or compliance mandates, it is not uncommon for projects to move data between unrelated information technology frameworks.

The most critical – and complicated – facet of such projects is data conversion. Efficient data conversion requires protection of both the quality and viability of data between information systems. Ensuring legacy data remains usable post-transfer is a complex process, often taking over a year.

Of particular concern in data conversion efforts are:

  • Conversion of data into an appropriate format that fits the destination database
  • Accurate transfer of data
  • Maintenance of data consistency
  • Continuity of business process and end user expectations

As a result of their size, complexity and enterprise visibility, conversion projects are frequently difficult to implement smoothly. Nevertheless, an experienced team understands the unique challenges of data conversion, and how to minimize risks for the best possible outcome.

At SRI Infotech, we have over ten years’ experience helping corporations manage this critical but complicated process. Representative data conversion projects include:

  • I3 technologies Conversion of ISAM to Oracle database:
    SRI team converted an old ISAM database and accounting system to Oracle. The client lacked full documentation of the old ISAM API calls. SRI reverse engineered the old APIS for integration.
  • Conversion from Oracle to DB2:
    SRI migrated a large security access system from Oracle 9 to DB2 on an IBM mainframe. We converted over 8,000 stored procedures and recoded the Java servers utilizing a DB2 API.
  • Conversion from DB2 to Oracle:
    SRI converted an old Java application using DB2 to Oracle.
  • Conversion from Oracle to Teradata:
    We moved a large accounting system running on Oracle to Teradata. We performed a high volume test to verify if Teradata could process the transaction volumes on the Oracle version of the accounting system.
  • Conversion from Oracle to Hadoop:
    SRI migrated a large collateral system from Oracle to Hadoop system and tested the viability of using a non-atomic database for real-time transaction based system.

If you are looking to migrate data to a new enterprise system, let SRI Infotech help make your project a success. Contact us today so we can learn more about your project.