RPA TurnKey

SRI Infotech’s Turnkey ServicesCustomized End to End Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions


  • By leveraging our experts you can get to the RPA answer quicker with the proof of concept and ensure that RPA is the best answer for your organization
  • Provides the validation of the technology thus providing you with the evidence needed to create a business case


  • Providing you the guidance needed to get your RPA program off the ground and started in the best direction to achieve your goals
  • We offer the solutions needed for everything from creating the vision to releasing for your first several processes into production


  • Accredited expertise available to extend your reach and expand your capabilities while growing your RPA program to meet the demands of the business
  • Maturing already existing RPA programs, designing for scale, increasing reliability, and maintaining production processes


  • Our RPA experts will evaluate and analyze the current state your program and determine why you may not be achieving your RPA goals as expected
  • We will provide you with solutions to get your program back on track, allowing you to close that gap between expectation and reality

RPA Explorer

Let’s face it, sometimes change can be scary, it’s ok, we understand! SRI Infotech’s “RPA Explorer” is designed to alleviate the anxiety and resolve any concerns that companies may face when deciding to try out newer technology. We will work with your business to identify several business processes that are good candidates for automation. We will help narrow that list down to the best candidate to show your business the real potential of RPA. We will offer guidance on the tool selection and can provide trial licenses. We will develop that process with our team of accredited developers and demonstrate the process running in a simulated production environment.
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Getting Started with RPA

Ready, Set, Go, right? Well not quite. SRI Infotech’s Getting Started with RPA service will provide you with the guidance, training, and resources needed to start the journey into RPA with the highest probability for success. We can teach the leaders what they should know to establish the vision and roadmap. Have you already selected and installed an automation tool? If not, we have a team of talented architects that can help with that. We can even provide your IT department with the skills they need to support the environment long-term.

We can meet with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to identify and document business process to start building that automation pipeline. We can train your employees to build processes or you can use our already accredited developers or even a mixture of both. Regardless, our business analysts can ensure that the developed processes meet the needs and expectation of the business before the automation is released into production. Speaking of production, SRI Infotech’s RPA operations team is ready and able to monitor, manage, and maintain the production processes. We can even report their performance to you, giving you the data to provide the visibility into the automation returns.
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Accelerating RPA Success

If your RPA program is already up and running with some automated processes in production? Then the Accelerating RPA Success service might be for you. We provide you with resources needed to meet the business’s growing demand for automation. Along the way we can establish or upskill your RPA Operations team. We can offset the workload of your existing development team by levering our team of accredited developers. While we are at it, we would be happy to look at your existing RPA policies, procedures, standards, and best practices and let you know where we may see some room for improvement.
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RPA Program Reset

Is the reality of your RPA program out of alignment with the original expectations? With SRI Infotech’s RPA Program Reset service, our expert consultants will meet with leadership to identify and understand the original vision and roadmap for the RPA program. Our RPA experts will evaluate, analyze, and report on the current state of your RPA program. From here we can tailor a service for all of the resources and training you need, along with a 30-60-90-day plan, to get the RPA program back on track for success.
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SRI Infotech has the expertise and experience to help you in every stage of your RPA journey. We utilize our certified experts to assess your current environment and determine the best places to start with the highest returns possible for your priorities and goals. SRI Infotech experts ensure that your project begins in the correct place and cost effectively delivers the RPA results that you expect. Let us show you how cost effective we can be compared to our competition in ensuring your return on investment (ROI) delivers as expected.
How to achieve the best results with RPA: