RPA Enablement

SRI Infotech’s Enablement ServicesRobotic Process Automation (RPA) Education Curriculum

  • Business training to help understand what can be automated and the ROI
  • IT training to detail how to best support the RPA environment


  • Detail the best type of CoE organization for the long term goals of RPA
  • Detail the requirements for a successful CoE


  • Teaching the RPA team best practices to running and maintaining the RPA environment
  • Helping the team establish policies, procedures, standards, and best practices


  • Certifying developers, analysts, and solution, architects
  • Beginner to advanced courses to build and support RPA processes

Leadership for RPA

Audience: Business and technology executives and leaders

Topics include:

  • Being a champion of change
  • Goal identification
  • Program roadmap
  • Resource planning
  • Growth planning
  • Cultural adoption
  • Pipeline management
  • Governance

Why: RPA as we know it presents us with a new set of challenges for the businesses of today. For an RPA program in an organization to be truly successful, the vision and direction must be shared, understood, and accepted by everyone involved. However, it can be very difficult to create the vision without understanding all the moving parts that are needed to direct an RPA program. This interactive workshop is designed for executives and leaders in an organization who want to have a successful implementation of RPA technology. Our seasoned veterans of RPA have seen the success and failures of many RPA programs. Instead of walking the path of the unknown alone, let our experts advise you on what has and what has not worked in the past. Our expert trainers will guide your leaders to start crafting the goals, objectives, and framework that will define your specific and successful implementation of this game changing technology. SRI Infotech can help you quickly close the gap between expectations and the reality of RPA.
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Building a Center of Excellence (CoE)

Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads, Sr. Developers,

Topics Include:

  • CoE organization
  • Governance
  • Change management
  • Standardization
  • Resource development
  • IT Engagement

Why: With so many tasks involved in implementing the vision of an RPA program, taking on such an endeavor can seem quite daunting. This workshop is designed for the management and senior members of the RPA team that will be implementing the vision. Our trainers will help your team develop the procedures, policies, standards, and best practices for the RPA program. From this training you can expect to have the speed, and momentum to successfully implement RPA. By leveraging our expert’s experience, you can expect to be up and running much faster than expected.
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Operations Training

Audience: Developers, Architects, RPA IT Team, RPA Operations Team, RPA Managers/Supervisors


  • RPA Infrastructure
  • Operations for RPA

Why: You have an RPA tool and at least one process in production, now what? SRI Infotech’s “RPA Infrastructure” training curriculum prepares your IT teams for vendor accreditation. With this knowledge in hand they will be better prepared to support and maintain the RPA environment.

What about the automation processes themselves you ask? Not a problem, our “Operations for RPA” can give your team the knowledge it needs they need to monitor, manage, and report the performance of your digital workforce. Everything from start to end of the development life cycle, to capturing transactional performance for return on investment calculations; we have you covered.
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Developer Training

Audience: Developers, Design Authorities, Business Analysts,


  • Blue Prism Fundamentals
  • Blue Prism Surface Automation
  • SAP and Green Screen Automation with Blue Prism
  • Advanced Blue Prism Techniques
  • RPA Solutions Design
  • Blue Prism Boot Camp

Why: SRI Infotech’s developers have ‘been there and done that’. If you want third party support from us, no problem we have you covered. On the other hand, if your goals are to create self-reliance and to become self-sufficient, we have you covered there as well! Our team of expert trainers are here to teach your team the skills they need to pass the independent Blue Prism Developer, Professional Developer and Solution Designer exams. Our experienced trainers know more than just the “robot”, we understand the interworking of a process improvement and can teach you not only how to use the tools, but how to use them well and to your advantage. What makes us different? We want to help you become experts too!
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SRI Infotech has the expertise and experience to help you in every stage of your RPA journey. We utilize our certified experts to assess your current environment and determine the best places to start with the highest returns possible for your priorities and goals. SRI Infotech experts ensure that your project begins in the correct place and cost effectively delivers the RPA results that you expect. Let us show you how cost effective we can be compared to our competition in ensuring your return on investment (ROI) delivers as expected.
How to achieve the best results with RPA: