QA Testing

The foundation of SRI Infotech’s existence is rooted in Software and Application development for the BFSI industry. Since inception, SRI Infotech has maintained a flawless reputation for developing code in extremely complex, stringent, and highly regulated client environments, where code flaws can result in substantial financial loss and the dismantling of reputation.

Our Quality Assurance processes are directly responsible for our track record.

QA is an integrated part of our development processes. Our QA engineers are essential participants in the very first discussions, at touchpoint meetings and at various stages along the development cycle.

They continuously scrutinize the product to assess quality issues and plan testing activities proactively with all members of the development team, including designers, developers  and operations.

We utilize automated testing where economies of scale make sense and implement manual testing where human interaction and expertise are essential.

Cost benefit analyses demonstrate that quality assurance testing is a critical component of all development projects. Let SRI Infotech ensure the success of your next technology project with our experienced QA team.