Big Data

In today’s day and age, more information is available than ever. For every interaction, volumes of data are created, with the potential to provide insight into client and stakeholder behavior, preferences and patterns. Business intelligence acquired from big data can ultimately drive greater organizational efficiencies and profits.

However, data simply warehoused in its raw form, remains inscrutable. Turning data into action requires planning and analysis.

SRI Infotech specializes in implementing and managing big data projects. With our end-to-end procedures, we take you from project definition and planning to data source identification and tool selection. After completion of the development phase, our business intelligence experts help you understand the results, ensuring a positive return on investment.

Some of the tools we recommend for big data projects are:

Hadoop Development Services

We provide Hadoop integration services including configuration and customization of Hadoop platform, integrate of Hadoop with existing structured database infrastructure.  We also provide volume testing and integrity testing services for Hadoop frameworks.

Cassandra Development Services

Cassandra allows distribution of cluster servers across cloud provider failure zones. Cassandra’s rack concept is designed to group servers within a cluster where the likelihood of a failure is correlated and to provide ongoing availability despite the failure of a group of servers.

We provide Cassandra implementation services in private cloud as well as public cloud systems. Our team has build gateway systems for Cassandra to traditional structured storage systems like Oracle and MSSQL.

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