Case studies

The New E-Medical Office

Located in Chinisau, Moldova, NewMedLife clinic is one of the leaders in the field of assisted reproduction in Eastern Europe. As the first private clinic for Human Assisted Reproduction in the Republic of Moldova, it specializes in infertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization, or IVF, high performance ultrasound diagnostic, artificial insemination, and sperm bank and zygote cryo-preservation.

Their goal is to offer the best approach to families in solving fertility problems, and achieving the highest pregnancy success rates in the shortest possible time.

NewMedLife prides itself on providing a wide range of high quality services that are better than those otherwise available in public hospitals.

The clinic offers various counseling modalities in the area of human reproduction, and also contains a surgery block for mini invasive procedures. Their laboratory is capable of conducting all necessary tests and analyses, including: cytology, microbiology and histopathology.

By using superior equipment and reproductive technologies, and by hiring highly skilled doctors, nurses and medical experts, NewMedLife provides reproductive assistance that conforms with International standards and is among the highest rated in Europe. Assisting in the conception and birthing of healthy children is their number one priority.



Like all players in the medical field, NewMedLife struggled with several record keeping goals. In addition to protecting patient privacy, record integrity was often lacking. Records were frequently disjointed because of human factors such as illegible handwriting and duplicative data entry in multiple places. This lack of clarity for both maternal and infant medical records led to confusion and problems in results interpretation.

Clinic personnel, who frequently trained in France and other countries in Western Europe, were troubled by the lack of a robust medical information system to track patient test results, procedure outcomes and clinical data. The existing system in place was less efficient, less user-friendly and had fewer features than the system they used in the course of their European training.


SRI Infotech Europe, implemented the Doctor Eleks medical information system.

A custom solution, the Doctor Eleks medical information system provides advantages for physicians, laboratory scientists, front office staff and medical managers.


The architecture of the Doctor Eleks system is built using Microsoft SQL Server and the .Net Framework. It is built on 3 levels: database, communications server and client program. The client program is accessible through both web clients and mobile devices, making information available anywhere a clinician is. Communications is secured through the use of Windows Security Domain Infrastructure with Active Directory service.

The core of Doctor Eleks medical information system is an Electronic Health Record, which enables quick search and retrieval of all patient documents by all personnel at any time.

An automated system, the Doctor Eleks is an electronic solution that enhances quality care and improves efficiencies by allowing for:

  • quick registration of new patients
  • rapid search across documents
  • onboard integration with diagnostic equipment
  • visual highlights of abnormal data
  • unified patient documentation across clinical, management and financial functions.


According to Professor Vaentin Friptu, the General Director of NewMedLife, the implementation of the Doctor Eleks medical information system was a huge success. “This system allowed us to tune our patients data, which is available at any time to any need.” Additionally, he was quite pleased about the ability to expand the network in the future. “A big advantage is that I could have done a network connection between our clinic services and departments.”

As a result of their work with SRI Infotech, NewMedLife is more efficiently achieving their goal of helping families in Moldova and Eastern Europe. Implementation of this system allowed the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals at NewMedLife to more easily conduct their mission while focusing, not only on medical outcomes, but providing a friendly attitude, openness, respect and courtesy.

If your medical or clinical organization is struggling with patient records and other technical requirements, please contact us to learn how SRI Infotech can assist you. We are familiar with privacy regulations, including HIPAA and can bring greater efficiencies to your practice.