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Cloud Computing is one of the fastest growing IT efficiencies for businesses today. The cloud provides numerous advantages to businesses large and small including:

• reduced costs
• increased processing speed and power
• enhanced security
• hardware and infrastructure independence
• flexible scalability
• minimized labor overhead
• improved employee productivity
• greater resource agility
• better employee access to information and applications.

Yet, for many organizations, transitioning from an onsite infrastructure to cloud computing remains difficult. Various complexities, including security, as well as privacy and compliance concerns, discourage companies from capitalizing on the numerous advantages provided by cloud computing.

SRI Infotech specializes in moving companies from onsite technical hosting to the cloud. Moving to the cloud frequently provides better accessibility to data and applications, improved risk management and superior security options.

Our cloud development and management services are compliant with the latest industry regulations, including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and more.

Our Capabilities

SRI Infotech has worked in numerous facets of cloud migration and implementation, including infrastructure & architecture development, big data distribution, big data analysis and cache & virtual machine management.

Each of our cloud projects is preceded by a detailed analysis by a highly skilled technology architect, who will help you determine your business needs, cloud project goals, technical requirements, security and access rights, and any other requirements your particular environment may have.

We work to ensure that your cloud migration project maximizes the benefits of the cloud and minimizes the risks.

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