Cloud Development

Cloud Computing is one of the fastest growing IT efficiencies for businesses today. By utilizing the cloud, businesses large and small can reduce costs, increase processing speed and employee productivity, improve resource agility and improve employee access to information and applications.

Yet, for many organizations, transitioning from an onsite infrastructure to cloud computing remains difficult. Various complexities, including security, as well as privacy and compliance concerns, discourage companies from capitalizing on the numerous advantages provided by cloud computing.

Cloud migration projectsSRI Infotech specializes in moving companies from onsite technical hosting to the cloud. Moving to the cloud frequently provides better accessibility to data and applications, improved risk management and superior security options.

Our cloud development and management services are compliant with the latest industry regulations, including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and more.

Some of the cloud development services we provide are:

IaaS services (Infrastructure as a service)

Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is the provisioning of the basic computing resources required to deploy enterprise systems over the Internet. This includes storage, hardware, servers and networking components. With IaaS, the physical infrastructure of IT systems is typically moved offsite and a service provider grants access to a virtualized environment of computing resources to its customers.

SRI has successfully completed several IaaS conversion and implementation projects. These including conversion of pricing systems and other critical systems which were previously built on two tier or three tier architecture. Our team has been able to deploy complex systems which involve dozens of subsystem components built in C++ and Java into an IaaS infrastructure.

DaaS services (Database as a service)

We have built automated database as a service systems where databases can be created in a few minutes on request. This included a workflow system that allows users to deploy long term release items into the region while the system is in production mode.

Private cloud services

Our team has worked with key vendors to develop and deploy private cloud services that provide the same functionality as the public cloud but in a secure private network. This has allowed clients to deploy their development, test and production systems seamlessly into cloud and gain from the benefits of a cloud based architecture.

Hybrid cloud options

One of the recent trends, is to develop a hybrid cloud infrastructure, which is a combination of private and public cloud systems. This allows the client to use the current technology available in public cloud systems and at the same time keep the confidential application and information in private cloud settings.