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Claflin360 Inventory Management System

The Claflin Company has been serving the medical community by providing equipment and supplies since 1817. As a full-line distributor of medical and surgical products sourced from over 500 regional, national and international suppliers, logistics are a critical component of business operations.

Rather than focusing on extensive stockpiling, Claflin, which serves some of the largest hospitals in New England, looked at how technology could improve operational efficiency and reduce inventory costs for both health care providers and medical suppliers.

Mobile Inventory Management

Partnering with SRI Infotech, Claflin launched the Claflin360 Inventory Management system in April of 2015. The custom developed Android device allows customers to inventory their stockrooms in minutes through barcode scanning and manual item entry. Upon completion, the application syncs the newly updated inventory levels to the cloud, ensuring all locations possess the same, just in time inventory data.

The user interface – which focuses on ease of use – further improves efficiency. The application possesses a sleek, simple, intuitive design that reduces the likelihood of user error, as well as a custom keyboard to better facilitate data entry.

Inventory level modification – including in cases of erroneous entry – can be completed from the device as well, ensuring that errors don’t persist across the network for lengthy periods of time.

Award Winning Technology

According to Claflin Chief Information Officer Mike Oliver, Claflin360 is quite popular with clients. “It’s earning kudos from customers who tell me that it’s like using a cellphone: user-friendly and very flexible.” The system is praised for increasing efficiency and reducing costs associated with keeping inventory.

In September 2016, the Claflin360 Inventory Solution earned The Claflin Company the Most Innovative in IT Services award from the Providence Business News. SRI Infotech and The Claflin Company look forward to continuing to improve the device to ensure the continued fulfilling of customer needs.

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