BizCal 2: A Better Business Calendar for iPhone

Who here misses their Blackberry? It’s okay… You can admit it.

As much as we all love our iPhones… the huge app library, the readily streaming video, the music and the ability to easily sync with our car, there are just some features that business users miss.

Readily customizable calendar alerts is one of them.

How often do you miss meetings because the iPhone calendar only allows for one alert per event? Or what about the fact that Google calendar – even when synched with the iphone – doesn’t give you any alerts whatsoever?

With our latest version of our calendar app, BizCal 2, you can keep your beloved iPhone and get the business functionality you want. We have developed this app specifically to synchronize with iPhone Calendar app events. With a subscription, our app allows the user to set up to 20 custom alerts for all future events.

Custom alerts will automatically apply to all upcoming events without a need to set it manually each time.

Business Calendar for iPhoneBusiness Calendar for iPhoneBusiness Calendar for iPhone

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You can also customize alerts with different times and sounds. With your choice of 20 different alert sounds, you will know in a quick moment whether you are scheduled for your child’s soccer game or a C-Suite meeting.

BizCal2 is great for business users who cannot afford to miss appointments.

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