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New Trends in Information Security and Addressing DDOS Attacks

The modern, networked world places an emphasis on application quality and speed. Yet, by focusing only on those two issues, security is often overlooked.

In order to try to make troubleshooting security infractions more efficient, it helps to develop an automated system. This paper presents details pertaining to the registration and analysis of all computer and network incidents (i.e. attempts or the facts of infringements of the owner of the information, or various attacks within network or from the Internet) located in the territory of Moldova that affect users of the Research and Educational network.

Realization of CERT in Moldova was initialized by NATO project “Creation of Infrastructure for CERTs in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and their Initial Operation” in and for operation in Research and Educational networking segment of Moldova.

The focus of this project includes the following areas:

  • Incident prevention;
  • Incident detection;
  • Incident analysis;
  • Forensic evidence collection;
  • Tracing or tracking;
  • Incidents post-processing.

Golubev Alexandr, co-author of this paper, is a senior software manager for SRI Infotech and served as a security engineer on the CERT project. Click here to learn more about new trends in information security