More than other industries, manufacturing has been impacted by the “Internet of Things.” From the evaluation of production and fulfillment efficiency to responding to customer preferences to the creation of interactive consumer products, technology has hit the manufacturing floor and is here to stay.

At all steps of the supply chain, big data is having a tremendous impact. Through detailed data warehousing and business analysis, businesses can now make precise predictions regarding customer demand for individual products. The ability to produce to – and not above – profitability thresholds impacts not only manufacturing design and schedules, but inventory management, warehousing and shipping as well.

The mobile availability of consumer data, as well as data pertaining to safety, operational efficiency and production machine health, further increases operating efficiencies and cost savings. By making the information available on the floor, stakeholders are better able to modify operating procedures at the right time and place.

“Just in time” manufacturing is changing the look and feel of the shop floor. Companies who want to stay competitive need to change along with it.

SRI Infotech can streamline your manufacturing operations at all stages from design to production to distribution. Contact us to learn how.

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