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SRI Staff Augmentation for Life Sciences

SRI comprehensive IT capabilities help Life Science companies offload traditional IT projects with experienced professionals enabling their team to focus on projects that are more clinical or pharmaceutical in nature. We have off-shore talent that are both cost effective and have strong English language skills ready to staff the entire life-cycle of your projects: .

RPA in Life Sciences

In Life Sciences as in all industries there is a call to reduce cost and improve processes. Life Science companies have leveraged automation in the production of drugs and now have the opportunity to leverage automation further up the line by leveraging RPA, Robotic Process Automation. With RPA, the value is far greater than reducing the cost of the delivered medicine, now we can reduce drug approval time, automate research efforts freeing up the precious time of key scientists, enable larger scale clinical studies by automating data collection and reporting and all this leads to improving the lives of the people Life Science companies treat.

RPA technology is ideally suited to tackling multiple routine administrative tasks that don’t require human judgment. The number of these processes in biopharma is very large, given the numerous clinical and sales call reporting procedures. Automating these procedures enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs and enables collaboration across the entire biopharma value chain. At the same time, automation of menial tasks frees employees to focus on activities that drive value.

RPA benefits have well understood benefits yielding ROI of up to 200% :

Another big opportunity for Life Sciences is to leverage RPA for its personal assistant capabilities. For example, a scientist is regularly conducting on-line searches associated with efforts underway globally around a particular gene expression. At first there is one gene expression suspect it’s fairly easy and interesting, as the research continues, the work becomes more rote and cumbersome. In this scenario, a robot can check frequently and report back results without the scientist having to, freeing up the scientist time for thinking about the results not gathering them.

At SRI we are here to help you achieve the results you are expecting in your RPA journey with certified professionals to assist your program underway, to provide a complete turnkey solution or to educate your team in RPA technology


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