Automated Security Entitlement Systems and IDM

Automated identity right management system

Enterprises across all industries are creating unprecedented amounts of data in the course of doing business. Yet, not all employees have equivalent data access. Data rights are often siloed by employee, job title, client, and conflict rules. Failure to manage access differentiation in an accurate and efficient manner increases risk of liability and loss.

Rights management is frequently a manual, time consuming task. Data dispersed across warehouses, including shared drives, the cloud and mainframe databases, usually require individual access applications to different resource managers. Repetitive identity requests, multiple levels of managerial approval, locally stored permission information and manual rights input can cause inaccuracies, delays and unauthorized use.

The shortcomings inherent in manual rights management result in significant opportunity costs. Employees are unable to fully perform their job duties without full data access, which can often take up to a month. Data audits, frequently performed in highly regulated industries, are time and resource intensive. Failure to accurately protect client data – particularly when rights are rescinded due to employee role change or termination – creates the potential for fines, client loss and reputation diminution.

Automation = efficiency

Automated security entitlement systems provide a unique solution to a common challenge. By improving operational efficiencies and reducing opportunity costs, identity management systems, when integrated with data repositories, make authentication, authorization, roles and privileges across data stores easier and less costly to manage.

By combining forms, approval flows, audit data, permissions, and database hooks in a single process, there are fewer opportunities for mistakes, delays or inaccuracies. This system has been approved for use in the highly regulated banking and financial services industry, and is used by large, custodial banking clients throughout New England.

Automation = security

In addition to making identity management more efficient, identity and access management systems improve information assurance and reduces the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data. Role based access control ensures automated access provisions and rescission, thus protecting the enterprise from security threats, unauthorized information use and distribution and other liabilities.

Our Capabilities

Whether you need a specialized solution which integrates with your existing technology infrastructure, or a customized implementation of off the shelf identity management software such as Oracle Identity Manager, CA Identity Manager or NetIQ Governance Suite, our unique multidisciplinary teams of both business process professionals and technical engineers will ensure that your identity management system saves your organization time, money and risk exposure.

SRI Infotech’s unique, first-in-class in-house automated security entitlement system combines identity management with automated data source connectors, resulting in a streamlined process from initial request to final access.

Additionally, SRI has worked with clients to develop custom connectors for off-the-shelf IDMs, including those for Teradata, Trivoli and Hadoop.

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