Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

The world of banking, financial services and insurance is in the midst of an unprecedented technology shift. Customers are demanding unfettered, online, on-the-go access at a time when risk and exposure have never been higher. Smaller, more nimble competitors are entering the field at a rapid rate. Security breaches are more and more frequent. And government regulations regarding access to financial information are becoming increasingly stringent.

Businesses in BFSI – including custodial banking, asset management and other financial institutions – need a partner who understands the unique challenges of the industry. With extensive experience with large custodial banking and investment organizations, including development and data integration for all stages of the investment life cycle, SRI Infotech has the expertise around issues of security, uptime, usability and regulatory compliance, including Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank.

As the preferred software services and support vendor for the largest financial services company in Boston, Massachusetts, we are uniquely positioned to help other players in the BFSI industry maximize return on technology investments.

SRI Infotech architects, builds, and supports custom (proprietary) trading and investment software platforms for the Custodial Banking, Investment Banking, and Asset Management sector in support of financial transactions, investment management and asset-trade ecosystem.


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EXADATA for banking, financial services and insurance industries

SRI Infotech’s automated securities accounting system is a powerful tool for large and small entities in the banking, financial services and insurance marketplace.

financial services trade ecosystem and technology

We specialize in architecture development and support for the banking, financial services and insurance industries

financial services and information technology

Significant opportunities exist to use technology to improve efficiency and cut costs in all parts of the investment and financial services office.

financial services trade ecosystem and technology

Throughout the trade cycle, technology reduces manual labor requirements, improves accuracy and provides additional transparency.