About Us

Who we are

SRI Infotech is a boutique IT services company, founded in 2006 to deliver technology and process outsourcing services to custody and fund administration, asset management and financial services clients. 

Our Global Footprint consists of over 200 resources:

• 23% United States
• 72% Eastern Europe
• 5% India

We specialize in the entire investment management life cycle:

Innovation & Lab > Workflow Design > Implementation > Roll out

Our largest client is a Global Fortune 500 Asset management corporation located in Boston, Massachusetts, for whom we have completed over 200 projects.

Our history

2006 – SRI Infotech is founded. Aimed at providing IT and Process Outsourcing services to clients in the United States and around the world.
2008 – SRI Infotech reaches the 100 resources plateau and international offices open.
2010 – SRI manages over 150 engineers!
2011 – SRI celebrates 5 year anniversary of its relationship with its largest client.
2012 – SRI InfoTech completed our 200th project
2016 – Celebrated our tenth anniversary
SRI grows to over 200 engineers

Our Code of Conduct

We follow the code of conduct of one of the best companies of our times: Berkshire Hathaway.

Our Offices

Boston, Massachusetts